IMS Shipyard offers

An accessible site close to all the main Riviera ports. If you arrive by train or plane we will organize your transfer to the shipyard.

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All the trades required for managing repairs, maintenance and class survey on one single site.

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A confirmed working method with: quotes with details for each part, written specification of time limits for supply, a project manager who will be your sole contact person, progress reports, the guarantee that budget and schedules will be respected.

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For your clients, the guarantee of a solid, well-known shipyard. 25 years experience and recognition in the industry. Durability ensured by a serious business model supported by a strong, sustainable shareholding.

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Private infrastructures. Possible to haul out several boats per day. Special rates for boat haul out for sales visits.


Thanks to the land and sea surface areas available, we can take on several boats from the same management agency. In a word, we can accommodate an entire fleet on one single site, with no space or duration limitations.


Thanks to our sales team in Golfe Juan, we can come to you for a free work estimation.
+33 607 54 63 93


Because IMS handles customer service for leading international shipbuilders, we are in daily contact with all brands of yachts and understand their specificities. As an expert and technician, IMS Shipyard pays attention to shipbuilders’ and owners’ issues during the after-sales service period in order to protect everyone’s interests and ensure good relationships between the different parties.