A dedicated private facility

An entirely private area of 130,000 square metres.

All the advantages of a fully independent site devoted to yachting:

- Private management of equipment: control over usage, flexibility and reactivity.
- Costs for lifting and hauling adapted to the project and the size of the boat. Maximum flexibility for the length of time yachts remain berthed.
- Land and sea security. No unauthorised circulation within the zone.

The Maritime Activity Park

A subcontractor hub affiliated with the IMS 700 site, comprising partner companies:
- naval architecture & engineering,
- design & decoration,
- paint & varnish work,
- carpenter and teak work,
- sheet metal work,
- welding, hydraulics,
- mechanics,
- sail making and rigging,
- water treatment,
- engines & generators,
- electronics & video hi-fi etc.