• Looking for a permanent, sustainable customer service relay in the Mediterranean?
  • Infrastructures that can be used all year round where your teams and subcontractors are welcome?
  • Trustworthy partners who can represent you with clients?

IMS Shipyard offers

An immense site (77,000 square metres platform) with the capacity to house any boat, including unplanned work, throughout the year.

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The shipyard groups together all the trades needed for repair work. Loyal, trained and experienced teams have been working with us for 25 years.

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For work with NO SURPRISES, working methods are adapted to constructor issues and anticipate:
- specifications for all the issues to be dealt with;
- cost distribution between the constructor and the owner;
- whether or not there is cost allocation on the warranty;

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Specially dedicated to boat builders

Our facilities are available for

- access to an office and workshop;
- storage for material and spare parts;
- receiving your employees and your subcontractors in excellent working conditions.

A single experienced project manager

- to coordinate all the work;
- to ensure relations with the client throughout the delicate after-sales-service period.